Carra Baby Products

Emotion and Style

Carra is a young brand combining the best Italian traditions in design and latest technology in ergonomics, lightweight and functionality. Our products are made for the modern woman, the mother and the professional, who has to perform all these tasks in her daily routine. We know each lady is unique and that is why we try to help express herself by concentrating our efforts on the style, colours and technical features of each model. Our design studio in Treviso learns from the latest Milano fashion trends, and adapts the catwalk style to your everyday mommy casual.

And just to be sure that Carra will not mislead you in any situation, we choose each detail precisely, thoroughly test each model Because you do not have to think about Carra,

Carra thinks about you!


Our story began...


Our story began 7 years ago, when Paоla Conti and Laura Gottini met, and a month later decided to follow their dreams and make them come true. They both have been creating concepts for the childcare industry mostly in USA. Each of them has been dreaming of having her own atelier, but didn’t have the courage to take such step alone. Then they met, became partners and soon their partnership expanded to a successful studio.

Three years later Marco Javi, engineer and classmate of Laura, joined them. For a short time he managed to gather a team and they decided to create their first stroller collection and soon after that some other products bearing the youthful spirit of Italy. This is how Carra was born. Today there are 15 enthusiastic hotheads, who never stop thinking how to surprise mothers with Apennine style and a touch of luxury.


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